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Culture Destinations

White Fort

One of the landmarks of Abu Dhabi, The Al Hosn Palace, commonly known as the White Fort, dates back over 200 years. Home of the former ruling family it is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi. The Palace is also home to the Cultural Foundation where many interesting exhibits of traditional artefacts and photographs are displayed. The courtyard and tile work over the main gate are particularly beautiful.

Heritage Village

The village is situated in the middle of Abu Dhabi and is a living exhibition of the lifestyle and traditions of Bedouin and other culture's.

Liwa Oasis

Liwa Oasis

About a five hour drive from the city of Abu Dhabi is Liwa, one of the largest oasis in Arabia and a gateway to Rub Al Khali or Empty Quarter. The place makes a refreshing change with freshwater pools and date plantations. It is also home to the Bedu people, known for their hospitality.

Jabel Hafit

Jabel Hafit

Close to Al Ain, is this craggy mountain rising steeply from the surrounding desert. An area noted for its flora and fauna (it is one of the last remaining habitats of the rare Arabian tahr), the mountain can be accessed by excellent roads which wind its way right upto the summit, providing a panaromic view of the Empty Quarter. Also of interest are the numerous caves, sites of archaeological excavations, and Ain Al Fayda, a top health resort located over a natural hot spring.

Al Ain Museum

Al Ain Museum

Location within the confines of Al Jahili fort, the nation's largest museum is divided into ethnological and historical sections. Interesting displays include Bedouin artifacts, archaeological excavations of 2700 BC, 500 BC stone instruments and relics dug up from Fossil Valley.

Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium

Zoos and parks have played an important role in saving certain species, which were on the - brink of extinction in the wild. So the modern Zoo's code is "Conservation, education, research and entertainment. In realizing this, His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al nayhan issued instructions to establish Al-Ain Zoo & Aquarium in 1968. Since 1992, several breeding programs have been established in order to save certain animal species from extinction through captive breeding & some have been saved already.

Qattarah Oasis

This small, beautiful sylvan oasis studded with date palms and fruit orchards and located on the edge of Al Ain is noted for its archaeological sites. Some of the ancient relics found here, including beautiful gold jewellery, have been displayed today in the Al Ain museum.

The Cultural Foundation

Located in the Khalidiya Street, the foundation houses a weekly art exhibition, library, theatre auditorium, and lecture rooms. The centre is considered as the cultural heartbeat of the city.

The Corniche

The Corniche

A park-lined coastal boulevard that skirts the city, with a backdrop of modern buildings facing the sea, it is one of the most picturesque sites in Abu Dhabi.

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