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Of all the Emirates, Fujairah is the only one located on the Gulf of Oman rather than the Arabian Gulf. Whereas the other emirates are comprised of coastline, plains and desert, Fujairah ahs only a narrow coastal strip at the edge of its mountainous terrain.

Prior to the formation of the UAE and the subsequent development of infrastructure, Fujairah was very isolated from the rest of the country, With the construction of the first all weather road through the mountains twenty years ago, it has been opened to the rest of the country and has some of the most scenic highways in the country. Fujairah has invested in its unique geography to develop tourism as an industry. You can enjoy unspoiled beaches and some of the best deep sea fishing, with game species like marlin and shark awaiting the angler just offshore.

Fujairah Port, completed in 1882, is a regular port of call for container ships. It is a main holding station for sheep and cattle for the Arabian peninsula at the port. An international airport also services the emirate.

With assistance from the central government and foreign investors, a number of small industries have been established including a marble tile factory, a shoe factory and a cement factory.

Fujairah is home to a many old Portuguese forts and watchtowers including Fujairah Fort, built in 1670. There is also a new museum and Ain Al Madab Garden equipped with natural spring and sulfuric bath.

Fujairah's main occupation in the past were fishing and agriculture. Pearl fishing was non-existent because the waters of the Gulf of Oman were much deeper and colder than the Arabian Gulf, not suitable for the growth of pearl oysters.

The Ruler of Fujairah, H.H. Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, succeeded his father in 1974.

He has ably administered the land and has been instrumental in the commissioning of several industries.

The Fujairah port is an important port for container liners and for the world's largest livestock shipping companies which have set up their main holding station for sheep and cattle for the entire Arabian peninsula here.

Its clean beaches, the numerous water sports like swimming, yachting, water surfing and deep sea fishing attract tourists all round the year. The Fujairah Tourism Bureau has the specific task of promoting in bound tourism. Three new hotels are being constructed in the scenic coastal strip between Rol Diba and Al-Faqueet. The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries are planning to build a dam in this area where there is a famous waterfall.

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