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Around Umm al-Qaiwain

Falaj al-Mu’alla

Falaj al-Mu’alla, an attractive natural oasis, is located 50km south-east of Umm al-Qaiwain city. It also has a delightful racetrack. Archaeological sites such as Al Madar, Tell Abraq (on the border with Sharjah), and Ad Door are also worth a visit.

Sinaiyah island and Khor al-Beidah

Sinaiyah island, close to the town of Umm al-Qaiwain is home to the UAE's largest Socotra cormorant (Phalacrocorax nigrogularis), with over 15,000 pairs, probably the third largest colony in the world. There are less than 15 extant colonies known for the species, most in the UAE.

Arabian (mountain) gazelle (Gazella gazella) have been introduced to Sinaiyah and appear to be prospering. Marine life, although thus far little studied, is remarkable for its abundance and diversity. Black-tipped reef sharks patrol the outer shoreline, while green turtles are ubiquitous in the inner leads in particular.

Between Sinayah and the mainland is Khor al-Beidah, an expansive area of sand and mud flats of international importance for its waterfowl.

Apart from evidence of occupation in the Late Islamic period, probably by fishermen, little archaeological evidence has been identified on the island, although coins from the early first millennium AD have been recovered.

Although not formally protected, the island of Sinaiyah, along with Khor al-Beidah, is one of the largest areas of undisturbed and varied coastal environment remaining anywhere in the UAE.

Boat trips around Khor al-Beidah and to Sinayah island are run from Umm al-Qaiwain Tourist Centre at the top of the Corniche, however you will not be permitted to disembark on the island. The Tourist Centre also has a private beach, swimming pool and restaurants.

You can also hire boats at the Marine Club and Riding Centre (06 7650000) (see Beach Clubs in the recreational section) on Sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid Al Moalla Rd.


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